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About Nueta Cattle Company

I am primarily a commercial cow/calf outfit. We are third-generation ranchers with my son Casey beginning the fourth. I'm relatively new to the Angus seed stock business however I have been using Angus genetics for the last 20+ years. Over the years I have bought bulls from several Angus seed stock producers, and during the course of all this I realize what I want in my cattle. I still sell pounds in the fall. I want bulls & cattle that will do just that while rebreeding on time and producing a calf every year for ten years or more, without having to hold their hands.


In the last few years I began purchasing a few registered females that I feel I can use to build the type of cattle I want. I have a small base herd of approximately 70 head, some of which can be traced back to Beartooth breeding. I have several daughters BT Pride 237G, most notably known for producing BT Crossroads, the past NWSS champion bull. I also have granddaughters of Sitz Everelda Entense 1905. I utilize AI and embryo transfer to get the cattle with performance and carcass, and that are fault free.

I am ruthless in culling. If an animal can't raise a calf, rebreed, or has structural faults..I sell her. I have been told by a seller that I paid a lot of money for that cow, and I need to feed her. My thought is that she has to be able to make it on what my commercial cows do, with no special treatment. Needless to say I've change my cow buying strategy.


 I'm excited about my newest acquisition Mohnen Deadwood 1114, from which I will have more progeny on the ground in the spring of 2016. I feel this bull is the real deal. He was the best bull in Steve's champion carload pen at the 2015 NWSS. He is long, thick, and moves exceptionally well as having all the ingredients inside. Next are two cows I purchased at Mohnen's female sale in November of 2015. Mohnen Jilt 1968, a daughter of Connealy Thunder and Mohnen Jilt 910, and Mohnen Jilt 1178, daughter of HA Power Alliance 1025 and Mohnen Jilt 1665. Both of these cows have proven themselves in Mohnen's herd and I am excited to begin flushing them.


Since our origin Nueta Cattle Company has scaled down to Shawn and Mary Fredericks. Mary resides in North Dakota and Shawn resides in Busby, MT., where Nueta is now located.


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